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An increasing demand for natural resources and complex production processes are often resulting in toxic environmental issues. Together with our partner Virotec, we help our clients in order to prevent e.g. the leaching of heavy metals. This means that our customers can concentrate on their core business while, at the same time, accomplishing the requirements of environmental protection agencies- and following their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) sustainably.


Interesting, how can Xenviro help us?

Companies which are sustainably following their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can implement their strategies by using voluntary carbon offsetting measures we are offering together with our partner carbon-connect AG. The CO2 footprint is being evaluated and according balance sheets are being established in order to do so. The selected climate protection projects are characterized by the observance of strict criteria. We sensitize businesses and individuals in climate protection and climate change.


CSR is important to us, how can Xenviro help us?